CCC Namibia Demands Immediate Release Of Job Wiwa Sikhala
15 June 2022
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Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia demands the immediate release of the organic Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala.

15 June 2022

Citizens Coalition For Change (CCC) Namibia is absolutely raged by the arbitrary arrests to the vibrant Vice Chairperson of the Yellow Revolution Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Champion Sithole and the radical Amalgamated Rural Teachers’Union of Zimbabwe President Obert Masaraure. Hon Job Sikhala was arrested on Tuesday for demanding the return of our deceased change champion Moreblessing Ali who went missing for 18 days before she was found murdered by known ZANUPF thugs.

Namibia district condemns the victimisation of Hon Job Sikhala and all political prisoners. We urge all progressive citizens to pent up their outrage demanding justice to the murdered Moreblessing Ali and her lawyer who is being persecuted for speaking truth to power. Instead of arresting the authentic murderers of our beloved young change champion, Pius Jamba and Simba Chisango, ZANUPF controlled police decided to arrest Wiwa who is fighting for justice. Hon Job Wiwa Sikhala is not a criminal, criminals are walking scot free when the innocent are being incarcerated on trumped up charges because they subscribe to the alternative led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa.

Furthermore, citizens in Namibia demand an end to impunity. ZANUPF thugs must face the law, it is now imperative to embrace solidarity and demonstrate unity among citizens especially during political persecution by prosecution. It is not a crime to demand the return of Moreblessing! Is it a crime to be the Spokesperson of the Ali family? Does it warrant an arrest and detention to be the lawyer representing the Ali family? ZANUPF needs a united citizenry that does not allow the habit of violence. We should vanguish politically motivated violence through unity advocacy. Citizens must unite against violence, abductions and arbitrary arrests.

It is quite infuriating to witness another arbitrary arrest of the vibrant Amalgamated Rural Teachers’Union of Zimbabwe President Obert Masaraure yesterday. Masaraure Obert is being charged with murder, a crime that he will never commit. Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia demands justice to the innocent detained Artuz President since we are aware that the arrest is connection with the recent Award for Frontline Human Rights Defenders. He is being tortured to deter him and break his revolutionary spirit to win the battle for a living wage of pre-October 2018 salary of 540US$. We demand his immediate release so that teachers and the entire civil service can earn better wages with the capacity to feed their families.

Moreover, change champions in Namibia continue to condemn selective application of the law by the unprofessional and partisan police. The councillor for Nyatsime area incited violence on change champions who were mourning Moreblessing Ali at her home and abducted 22 CCC women before beating them for putting on yellow regalia but he was never arrested. We demand equality before the law, no one should be above the law. ZANUPF abductors and thugs must be arrested since they perpetrate violence day and night.

ZANUPF satanists must allow Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala to represent his client who was killed for believing in the change that delivers. Citizens must unite and demand an abrupt end to state sponsored abductions and arbitrary arrests of change champions and human rights defenders in Zimbabwe. SADC, African Union and United Nations must intervene to assist us against this bloody-minded regime. Release Hon Job Saro Wiwa Sikhala, Champion Sithole, Obert Masaraure and all prisoners of conscience. Thank you change champions for the exhibited solidarity with the bereaved Ali, Magaisa and Dube families. May our champions’ dear soul souls rest in power.




Register to vote against ZANUPF sponsored abductions and arbitrary arrests of the voice of dissent. We need to be extra United against ZanuPF terror.

Citizens Coalition For Change Namibia
Rundu Branch Interim Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya