Hands Off Our Lawyer, Says Moreblessing Ali Family
15 June 2022
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By A Correspondent| The family of the late CCC activist Moreblessing Ali has condemned the arrest of their lawyer Job Sikhala saying it is an extension of the political persecution of their slain daughter.

Sikhala was arrested last night in connection with the violence that occured in Nyatsime on Tuesday.

In a statement, Ali family representative Washington said the ruling regime has murdered Moreblessing and continue to torture her in death.

“We condemn the arrest of our representative and Spokeperson, Hon Job Sikhala and one of the local leaders who was instrumental in the CCC search mission, Hon Godfrey Sithole. To be clear, it was our position as a family that we would not bury Moreblessing until her murderers are arrested.

“Hon Sikhala was the appointed watching brief over any potential investigation, arrest and prosecution. It is a matter of regret that Hon Sikhala has been arrested in the course and scope of his legal duties. This is an extension of the political persecution of Moreblessing. They murdered her violently. Even in death, they won’t let her find peace,” said Ali family.