War Vets Hijack ID Roll-Out Program
21 June 2022
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By- War veterans have hijacked the government-initiated Identification Documentation processing program currently underway in Gutu.

Community members in the area said the war veterans are blocking suspected CCC supporters from getting IDs, so they would not vote next year.

 This came during a community dialogue organized by communities working with Heal Zimbabwe in Gutu on 18 June 2022.

Participants at the dialogue said a Zanu PF official only identified as Mudzamiri, who is also a war veteran and a retired soldier, was leading the team hijacking the IDongoing (ID) blitz.

 ”Here in Gutu the blitz is heavily politicized.Mudzamiri has threatened the mobile Civil Registry team not to issue documents to community members until they agree to be accompanied to Matizha Business centre where they will collect the documents. Upon arrival at the centre, Mudzamiri then forces citizens to affirm their support for Zanu PF and forces them to register at the local Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) office.Mudzamiri is working with other war veterans in the area” said the participants.