2023 Time To Unite For Change- Ostallos
22 June 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

On Nurses and doctors strike!

It is clear that we have a carefree and indifferent government. A regime that uses fear and terror to govern.

We stand unequivocally clear and unapologetically so with doctors and nurses in particular and the working class general.

They pay each other is US $, charge tax in US$ but they want workers to accept bond notes.

It’s the politics stupid!

We must fix our country.

The goverment of President Nelson Chamisa will resolve this as part of our 100 day Plan- To pay workers in US$ and a salary above PDL.

Our objective is to create a developmental state whose economy works for the many not the few!

It is for that reason that in 2023, we must all unite and bring Change in our country.

No one is safe!

We need new leaders