Latest On CCC Trio Abduction Saga
22 June 2022
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By A Correspondent- The state has been accused of engaging individuals who are giving false witness statements in order to augument their baseless charges accusing three CCC activists Cecilia Chimbiri, Joana Mamombe and Netsai Marova of communicating and publishing falsehoods.

The trio were abducted by suspected state security agents.

Said a source:

The police tampered with the car. Baseless witnessing has just been called to try and finish the made up puzzle in which the state is accusing the trio of publishing or communicating falsehoods.

On the witness stand, the state called the owner of the Mercedes Benz which the trio was abducted in .

They tampered with the car. The state’s witness confirmed and said he doesn’t know who drove the vehicle into the police station from TM shop which is opposite Harare central police station.

The trio were forced to disembark from their car to go into the omnibus on that fateful day.

On cross examination, the state witness denied any knowledge of the whereabouts of the car except the fact that he was called to see it in the police parking lot. He claimed that he had learnt that the trio had been abducted from social media and this was days after 13, 14 and 15 May.

“My car had no special security features that include tracking anti hijack or alarm , I also do not remember the number plates of the car,“ he told the court.

He said this after state prosecutor continued asking him about the number plate which defence counsel said was leading the witness.

The state witness continued to say he is not sure of the registration number of the car as state was trying hard to force him to remember it.

How this particular witness would assist in confirming the trio communicated or published falsehoods prejudicial to the state or faked their abduction remains unclear.

Why he was called remains a mystery because nothing tangible seems to be coming out of his testimony except him confirming that he knows the two accused are his friends. He only also knows that his car was driven into the police station by who knows who.

Reza continues to call witnesses who are giving testimonies confirming that the trio were abducted .

The witnesses continue to tell the truth even after being coached.”