ZANU PF MP Posts Mnangagwa M**ta Pic In WhatsApp Group
29 June 2022
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By A Correspondent | ZimEye | The ZANU PF MP for Seke Tatenda Maverera was held under WhatsApp-gunfire when she posted a picture with a comment that insults her leader Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Scores of party members were baying for Mavetera’s blood over the insulting comment which she explains she had not spotted when she placated the below pic in a ZANU PF WhatsApp group, ‘YoungWomen for ED.’

Responding to allegstions of doing it on purpose, MP Maverera as ZimEye reveals, said, ” I did not see that… I did not even read, whoever understands it as such will have twisted my view.”

ZANU PF members were not convinced, with one only identified as Nyenge saying, “but circulating such a picture, she could have edited it.”

Clearing herself, MP Mavetera went on to publish a broad statement saying:

In view of the backward and childishly simple-minded attack against my person and integrity circulating
on social media, particularly the one being peddled by one Sophia Mazikane which is patently malicious
in its intent, I do hereby submit my humble, but clear response.

My first response is that my record of service in the ZANU PF party speaks for itself. My loyalty to the
Ruling Party, our President His Excellency Cde E. D. Mnangagwa, and the Government of Zimbabwe is
unquestionable, and has consistently remained as such ever since I attained political consciousness.
There is therefore, no way under the sun I would be associated with such careless utterances, which
can only come from a lunatic to say the least. I have been a victim of cyber bullying by the enemies of
progress, and the recent attack is part of it.
To bring clarity to the issue, during the ZANU PF Women’s League live press conference, I was
encouraging fellow comrades from the top leadership of Young Women for ED of 22 people in a social media closed group to follow proceedings, join the discussion and support the women s league and
also defend our party as leaders. This did not sit well with anti-progressive elements from within this
one group , who began to attack me because of a message which had been written by one Markven
Mark. I felt that we needed to defend as leaders and party cadres. The attacks I am facing now are
based on an enemy reaction to me, which someone took a screenshot of, and circulated wider, to
create the impression that I had attacked our President. I did not do the circulation. For someone to
then claim that I “attacked” the President, based on this, only means that they are grossly uninformed,
illiterate, or bear motives other than promoting unity and progress in ZANU PF.
Let me thus, unequivocally state that I will continue undeterred and unperturbed, to serve my
President, Cde E. D. Mnangagwa, and my Party ZANU PF, loyally and diligently as a Member of
Parliament for ZANU PF, Secretary for Information and Publicity for Mashonaland East Province, and as
the National Chairperson of the Young Women 4ED.
Though I did not initially wish to dignify this unwarranted abuse with any form of response, I feel I owe it to all patriotic Zimbabweans and fellow revolutionary cadres within ZANU PF to make my position crystal clear. I am a ZANU PF social media activist who will always be attacked by the enemy on various
platforms. I also know that the enemy can play tricks to deceive the public. But that does not, and will
never, stop me from belonging to, and campaigning for my Party and President. Hence, I totally find it baffling for someone who claims to be ZANU PF to be found using the same tactics as those of the
enemy to soil the reputation of a fellow Party member.
It is my strong and unapologetic view that all those using someone else’s message, which I did not pen, are not only misguided, but are politically desperate and ideologically bankrupt. I believe that the task
at hand, for any serious ZANU PF person, is to collectively defend and promote the work of our leader, Cde E. D. Mnangagwa, and this is what I have always been doing. Evidence of this is amass on my
personal social media pages, open for all to see. This also explains why it is a definite first for me, and I
trust, a majority of ZANU PF social media cadres, to hear about the name Sophia Mazikane, in the social
media space. It will be good if Sophia and her ilk apply the same energy, which she chose to expend in
seeking to make my name dirty, in defending the gains of the Second Republic. Alternatively, they can
seek for conventional political office, or form vibrant, active organisations that not seek visibility and
attention through defamation of others.

Regardless of the incessant and unsubstantiated attacks, we are continuing with our programmes
meant to transform lives in the provinces, as inspired by our revered leader His Excellency Cde E.D

We shall not be deterred by armchair critics who make storms out of tea cups.
As regards the news and skills-starved media houses madly taking advantage to further cyber-bully me,
I urge them to follow common ethics, and avoid being charlatan mouthpieces of distressed and clueless individuals with ulterior motives. One cardinal media ethic is the right to reply/respond. It is
unfortunate that never sought a comment from me and decided to put words into my mouth by quoting what I never said, and spreading lies.

I have respect for all media houses, but I urge them to promote sanity by always upholding sacrosanct
ethics of journalism.
ZANU PF is in my DNA, and no amount of smearing will move me from it.
President E. D. Mnangagwa, the Pragmatic Leader of our Time.
#2023 All Young Women 4ED
#ED my President
Yours Comradely,
Hon. Tatenda Annastacia Mavetera (MP)