Man Escapes Imprisonment After Bashing Neighbour Over Cattle Dispute
30 June 2022
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The family of a 53-year-old Karoi woman who was assaulted by her neighbour following a dispute over trespassing cattle has accused the country’s justice system of corruption and incompetence.

Sipiwe Kasora (53), was assaulted by Denford Nyadzo (23) after she had complained that cattle belonging to the Nyadzo family had trespassed and destroyed her maize.

Kasora was severely assaulted and left with a sore head and recurring headaches. This prompted her to report the matter to the police resulting in Denford’s arrest.

Kasora’s son, Hardknocks Usayiwevu, is not happy with the way the courts handled the matter.

He told Pindula News that her mother appeared three times at the Karoi Magistrates Court over the issue but the matter was remanded further to the 20th of June.

Usayiwevu said that the 20th of June was the only day her mother was allowed in the court.

He said after she gave her own narration, the docket had a lot of ommissions and irregularities which were made by the investigating officer.

He said that the medical affidavit was also missing and her mother was then directed to go back and start afresh.

According to Usayiwevu, the ruling on Kasora’s assault case was delivered that very day in her absence and Denford was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

He said the jail term was wholly suspended on condition that Denford does not commit a similar offence in the next 6 months. Added Usayiwevu:

What hurts me the most is that the accused had the audacity to call my mother a lunatic, bludgeoned her face with his fist, undressed her and sat on her chest while beating her up.

He said he feels the justice system has failed his family in freeing the suspect without giving him a custodial sentence.- Pindula News