Mavaza: History Of Election Fraud Exposed
3 July 2022
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BY DR MASIMBA MAVAZA | Each time Zimbabwe prepares for elections the opposition prepares a case of a stollen vote. By now, the trend is abundantly clear: No matter the election, no matter the evidence and sometimes no matter whether his side wins or not, Chamisa is going to claim or suggest widespread voter fraud.
It’s always baseless, and often someone has already debunked either his exact claim or a version of it. But rarely is it as dubious as the sunshine at night.
It’s inexplicable that Opposition candidates lost by so much in many areas because his endorsement has been so successful elsewhere. This ignores that his endorsement has failed plenty, including in high-profile races in some areas. The vast majority of Chamisa’s endorsees win, but that’s because most of them face only token opposition in towns when it’s a competitive race, he’s much closer to 50-50.

The truth of the matter is that those who blame others for fraud are the best fraudsters. Chamisa strove from fraud. He had stollen elections in his own party and has shown tendencies of dictatorship. Ironically Chamisa cries for legitimacy when he himself is a virgin to legitimacy.
Senior members of the CCC have given a blow by blow underhand dealings of Chamisa in MDC and now CCC.
In May 2013 Nelson Chamisa stole an election for the MDC – T Mbare Member of Parliament Primary Elections against Sten Zvorwadza who was evidently popular in favour of Eric Knight, a candidate who was unknown in Mbare constituency by the MDC – T structures. After votes were casted Chamisa used his thuggery and short changed Zvorwadza for Erick Knight.
Nelson Chamisa can not teach anyone principles of democracy because he is a permanent friend to hypocrisy and undemocratic principles.

Through his dictatorship Chamisa rigged MDC – T Primary elections in many constituencies across the country. Many candidates were not happy and this disgruntlement among candidates whom Chamisa stole elections from did not pull in the same direction and led to a massive loss by the MDC – T at the General Elections which were held the same year.
Chamisa and democracy can never be in the same sentence. This explains why Chamisa can not have or allow a constitution or standing orders to stand in CCC. Dictators are not friends to any constitution.
Chamisa thinks that everyone steals elections because he understands the art of election theft.Chamisa knows that elections can be stolen because he is a real practitioner of stealing elections. He had applied electoral theft to an extent that he sees it everywhere.
In 2013, more than 10 candidates wrote letters to the Party requesting re-runs of Primary Elections because Nelson Chamisa had stolen elections from popular Party candidates.
Internal emails and interviews with key participants reveal for the first time the extent to which leading advocates of the rigged election theory touted evidence they knew to be disproven, disputed or dismissed as dubious.
By the time Chamisa sat down in front of a video recorder of foreign journalists he had grown accustomed to divulging what he called theft.After swearing to tell nothing but the truth so help him God, he will blame the ruling party for stealing.

Sten Zvorwadza maintained his cool throughout the years despite the fact that Nelson Chamisa wronged him.
But despite all that the truth can be said now. The truth about the corruption. About the manipulation. About the lies.”
“In this case, it’s the manipulation of votes,And the lies being told to a country.”

Erick Knight was a lemon tree which was grafted on an orange tree in Mbare. Having been taken from the United Kingdom. This move by Chamisa showed no respect of substantive representation no respect for the grassroots and no respect for the people. The behaviour of total disregard of democracy does not make Chamisa but it is what he is. His behaviour repeats itself it exhibits utter disrespect of the concept of representation.
It exhibits a mindset of disregarding of people’s wishes.
The hypocrisy of it all is that this comes from a man who claims to be a government in waiting. His actions exposes his calibre his understanding total impunity from the so called champion of democracy.
Chamisa has left a trail of democratic destruction, undermining instead of promoting democracy. He has shown a pattern of disrespect. We should look no further but see how he treated Thokozani Khupe. How he treated Morgan Tsvangirai, how he treated Mwonzora and Stan Zvorwadza. These are his character traits,of dishonesty,criminality and full of I know. He is not a listening leader. He presumes everything on people’s behalf if he is out in the state house he will presume things for us in this year and age.
The electorate is entitled to look at similar Facts Evidence and we should know what is in store for us as a nation. The yardstick Chamisa measures ZANU OF with is not the same he use himself.
The fact that currently CCC is a mistake is not a one off event. What should frighten us as Zimbabweans is that he is astute to blame ZANU PF yet he has no respect for the same issues he highlights in blaming ZANU PF. Chamisa dwells in an engrained trend which make him who he is a dictator.
After and towards every elections Chamisa and his team always have new sort of intelligence to share. They claim to know that the presidential election had been rigged — and how. They come up with wild stories that they have attended meetings in which the administration discussed how to develop specialized software to steal elections with representatives from Israel China or Russia. They bring up weird stories of an X changing places going to settle in ZANU PF.
All this is made to cast aspersions on the smart victory of ZANU PF.

Going back on the trend of vote stealing by Chamisa and his team we know that Sten Zvorwadza’s Mbare Primary Election theft was notable and therefore all top MDC -T leaders were aware that Nelson Chamisa had stolen Sten Zvorwadza’s victory infavour of Eric Knight. Leaders such as Hon Tendai Biti, Hon Elias Mudzuri, Hon Komichi, Hon Mashakada, Hon Mwonzora, Hon Zwizai, Hon Zvidzai including the late Dr M R Tsvangirai were fully aware of Nelson Chamisa’s Primary Election theft against Sten Zvorwadza in favour of a candidate who paid him money for that. The truth is a phone call away. Just calling Biti or Skhala to confirm shows that Chamisa will be a disaster if he is allowed near the state house.
Despite the problems Zimbabweans are facing now they must know that Nelson Chamisa is an Agent of Evil but masquerade as an Agent of Hope and light.How can such a person be trusted with State Power?
Nelson Chamisa must be exposed and the world should know that he is a hypocrite who is quick to blame ZANU PF for stealing an election from him in favour of HE ED Mnangagwa.He thinks everyone is an election thief like himself.
Chamisa’s hypocrisy must be exposed
As we March towards 2023 Zimbabweans must not be fooled by a party with no reason to be a party. A party with no constitution which put its trust in one man in this age.
It is a thief who accuses others of stealing to deflect attention.

Come 2023 Zimbabweans must never allow Chamisa to steal our vote. [email protected]