Angry Zimbabweans Roast Java
6 July 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Zimbabweans are fuming over ZBC’s coverage of a hit and run accident involving controversial preacher Passion Java’s convoy in Chitungwiza on Tuesday.

ZBC posted an article on Facebook under the headline : ” Pedestrian dies after being hit by a car.”

In response angry social media users blasted the public broadcaster for running away from the fact that Java’s motor vehicle hit and killed a pregnant woman.

One Theophilus observed:
“It seems the news is being reported by a grade 1.”

Itai Matanda said :
“Asi munomutya here Twabam. Just report accurately and do not leave important information.”

Oliver Kurira fumed:

“Are you guys telling me you can’t name Passion Java in your caption…shame on you.”

Zvikomborero Dube:

“Pregnant woman dies after being hit by a speeding car which was part of So and so’s ‘motorcade’!
Just say it all in the caption, we can’t all open the link.”

Faith Ndlovu f wrote:

“What headline is that nhai Zbc? Are you saying you are so scared to tell the truth that you can’t mention Java’s name?? What business do you have reporting then if you can’t report as it is?”