Return Home, Vote In Numbers, CCC Pleads With Zimbos In SA
16 July 2022
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By Gift Ostallos Siziba

South Africa has created a border guard that will make sure no foreigner will illegally enter into South Africa.

Our people have been reduced to second class citizens and a standing joke everywhere.

Zimbabweans migrate to South Africa in search of greener pastures because of the economic crisis here at home.

More than a million Zimbabweans are in South Africa.

Talking to most of them you can tell they want to come back home- “it’s not easy out here” they say but home is worse.

They’re are subjected to harassment, arrests, paid meager wages and ill-treated all because most of them have no papers to stay there.

We have to and we must fix our country!

This will require the effort of every Citizen,

To our compatriots in South Africa, we urge you to do this one patriotic and most important duty come 2023.

Come back home and we vote the problem causer out!
That’s the only way we can restore or dignity as Zimbabweans.