Boris Johnson’s Disastrous Fall After Meeting ZANU PF And KGB Agents
20 July 2022
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By Thabo Makuyana | Sky News last Friday reported that the UK government led by “Mr I meet an ex KGB spie alone when I’m the Foreign Secretary,” current Prime Minister Boris Johnson.” As a result, the government tabled a no confidence vote in itself with wording that will not lead to a general election.

This no-confidence vote is likely there to block leading opposition Labour Party from having a No-confidence vote in the Boris Johnson government in the house of parliament and therefore a likely General Election in order to give the incoming new Prime Minister a fresh Mandate.

By doing this the government of Boris Johnson is making it easier for the Conservative MPs to vote in line with the Boris Johnson Government. Furthermore this means Boris Johnson not being kicked out of parliament and Downing Street right away.

It means that the Conservative Party will be able to have a full leadership election and Boris Johnson is not leaving until, likely at the end of summer, unless all the other candidates in the Tory Party leadership elections drop out and leave just one clear winner.

The Boris Johnson government has been able to set the wording in such a way as to make it easy for the Conservative parliamentarians that are it in the House of Parliament to vote in line with the Government and not vote against Boris Johnson.

The vote of no confidence held on Monday the 18th of July 2022 came right after the labour party has tried to table a no confidence vote in the government of Boris Johnson And Boris Johnson himself.

It has to be said that a no-confidence vote triggered by labour would’ve made it very difficult for Tory MPs to be able to vote along with Boris Johnson. They would have been caught between a rock and a very very hard place, as if they vote against Boris Johnson at least this would lead toa general election.

Conversely if they vote with Boris Johnson it means they are lockstep with Boris Johnson in everything that he did wrong, for example by lying to parliament and by to going to speak to an ex KGB agent on his own and the same ex KGB agent is seen as very important asset by the FSB.

Unfortunately it is not the first time that a Conservative Government has been brought down by such a scandal.

The Harold Macmillan Government was brought down because of the Profumo affair which was one of the biggest scandals to rock British politics in the 20th century. John Profumo was at the time secretary of state for war in the Harold Macmillan government and he had an affair with a 19-year-old.

Unfortunately he denied this affair in parliament thereby lying in parliament and this led to him needing to resign.

At the time in the 1960s the Conservative government refused to have a no-confidence vote table against it by the opposition Labor Party just like now, however, just a few years later the Conservative government lost to the labour party and political analysts since then have said the Profumo affair was largely to blame.

Does this mean in this case we are likely going to see another fall from grace for the Conservative and Unionist Party of Great Britain and Northern Ireland because of a scandal?

Will History repeat it’s self?

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