CCC Big-Wigs Bully Diaspora Members
20 July 2022
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By- A diaspora-based CCC, Jessica Geraldine has reached out to the party leadership complaining about cyberbullying she is receiving from some party members who are in Zimbabwe.

She said they were insecure that members of the party in the diaspora would end up taking posts they were gunning for.

She said some of them, “ground soldiers,” argued those in the diaspora don’t vote, are “Twitter people” who were overstating their value to the party.

Below is Geraldine’s Twitter thread:

Dear CCC Leadership & CCC Keyboard Warriors !! 1. I was made to join a CCC group on WhatsApp where l was being discussed by people with a lot of time on their hands, clearly, who are “ground” real soldiers. Where members of council & parliament are present in the group.
I was asked to defend my position of why l was asking about a Competent Cabinet in a tweet l made & a lot of things were flying around in there. I responded with 1 message saying l was NOT in a COMPETITION with any of them & that l am not interested in a Party Position.
I told these people they were not Varakashi & l had no business fighting them. I exited this group. I understood where this “twitter people” “keyboard warriors” “influencers” “diaspora haivhote” “hamusi pa ground” Mantras comes from. We are here & they discuss US behind
As if that was not enough, these “ground forces” for the fear of exposure after my response, they started going around looking for stories, creating some & trying to verify some. I have the messages & recordings of leaders discussing me & my personal life, Even lying about it.

They carried on in personal messaging, with messages of a SMEAR CAMPAIGN quoting Edmund Kudzayi tweets insinuating l was expecting & l laughed it off because it was RUBBISH & l wanted him to flourish with the lie because l knew where it came from.
They were saying a lot of things which is really NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS even if it was true, however, they were looking for anything to hang on, and feeding each other from leaders to the bottom a can of worms and LIES & l have it ON RECORD.
For the Record, these “ground forces” who vote & mobilize told me “vanhu veTwitter takabatira opposition kumusoro” Now you may wonder WHY l addressed this publicly- it’s because they addressed each other on PUBLIC PLATFORMS & l have no control over what was said.

A smear campaign because l told people that they mustn’t discuss us here, nana Rebhara, Hopewell etc just to neutralize me is below my standard both as a general person and my quality as a person. I live for CCC & l have supported the movement & all its leaders UNEQUIVOCALLY.

I am a Mathematician not a Politician. I am a CCC member & l remain that. A SMEAR campaign of lies & “leaders” calling each other for hearsay will not work! I will withhold all names. Will be back on 1 September 2022 kuRakasha Varakashi Yours Sincerely VaChivi veCCC
PS! No DMs, No Calls, No Messages, Nothing, No hee You shouldn’t have, because l mustn’t but they can do that? , No Varakashi will have ammunition, well they’ll have mine if the lies go unhandled because the line is crossed already. Register To Vote – Vote for Change!!