Full Text- “2023 Is A Done Deal”: Zanu Pf
21 July 2022
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Rudhaka Stadium


I thank you all Comrades for coming to Marondera today, I am happy with the energy that you have shown as we marched to this venue from town, indeed we are the youths and people must know and see that we are there, ZANU PF is here to stay in Zimbabwe, it is the people’s party.

As youths we were given this mandate by our leadership that we go around all provinces to cross pollinate ideas and hear out your challenges and concerns so that we can find ways of addressing them as we move towards #Vision2030.

For all the Provinces that we have gone Mashonaland East you are the best in numbers, I thought Mashonaland Central would be the best on all provinces but Mashonaland East you have proved me wrong, you are indeed the Stronghold of the Party, you spared your crucial time to come and meet with us and we help one another to develop our country.

Comrades as the Youth league we are the vanguard of the party and therefore it is our mandate to defend the gains of our revolution, I was told in the briefing that there are certain areas in this province where the opposition is now trying to hold meetings, we can not allow that Comrades!

As a leader you must make sure that such meetings are not even given a chance and we have to keep in touch with our masses.

Cde Chairman Tasikani stated that there is cattle which was brought to Mashonaland East Province and a Tractor which is now ready for production in the Province, we thank our President for the Love he shows us.

The President told me that there will be Innovation Hubs across all provinces and as youths we have to take advantage of these opportunities to our advantage and make sure we are empowered.

I have registered all your concerns and I promise to take all issues to the Presidium and leadership.

The President has always said that “Youths Must make Money” and as I stand before you I encourage you all to explore all economic avenues and develop our economy, that is how we compliment the President’s vision, he is our leader and he is taking us to an upper middle income economy, we must go back to our areas, we must campaign and vote for President Cde E.D Mnangagwa.

I thank you all for the dedication you have shown towards the development of your nation, towards the safeguarding of the interests of our people, we are ZANU PF, we are the People’s Party and we are there for the people, 2023 we are going to win resoundingly because we are always with the people, ZANU PF will forever rule this nation because we have a listening President who works tirelessly to forward the interests of the People, 2023 is a done deal, we are going to win!

I thank you