Bizzare Burial Instructions For Ximex Change Money
2 August 2022
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By-The late Ximex Mall change money Tafadzwa Murengwa, allegedly left a suicide note before taking his life in Shawasha Hills on Friday night.

Murengwa also known as Boss Pangolin, gave instructions to his family, telling them to use the money he left and take “something” he left to Sekuru Banda.

Sekuru Banda is a well known Harare Sangoma.

He also said he left a black plastic in his Mercedes Benz vehicle and it must be put in his coffin, no one must open it.

Murengwa said the Benz should be sold but the Toyota Aqua that he drove when he dished out US dollar notes in Harare on Thursday should be given to one Munashe. He wrote:

I am sorry bamnini (uncle or young brother) for disappointing you and letting you down. Ndanzwa zvese zvamataura (I heard everything that you said) but sorry I can’t help it. I am dying, ndiri kwana Josh (I’m at Josh’s place).

You can not use the Mercedes Benz please sell it. Mukazokwanisa kutora (Toyota) Aqua ino please give it to Munashe (If you manage to get this Toyota Aqua please give it to Munashe).

Pane zvamuchaona mumba mu bedroom mangu (you will see some stuff in my bedroom). I opened my bed base, mukavhura imomo muchaona Mari ne something chirimo (when you open it, you will see cash and something inside).

The money you can use it but, chi something ichocho fonerai sekuru Banda vanouya kuzochitora movabhadhara (but the for the stuff inside, please call Sekuru Banda he will come and collect it).

Rufu rwangu nezvese ndakagadzirisa, my coffin and all. Bhangwera anokupai ma details. (I have fully prepared for my funeral… Bhangwera will give you all the details).

Mobvisa plastic re black riri mu Benz kumashure panogara spare wheel munoriisa mu coffin mangu asi ndapota musarivhure (Make sure you remove a black plastic inside the Benz where the spare wheel should be attached and put in inside my coffin but please don’t open it).

Ndapedza hangu (I’ve finished). Sorry henyu (I’m very sorry) I can’t face life anymore.

Murengwa shot and killed her estranged girlfriend Samantha Dzapata in Waterfalls on Friday morning and later gulped a pesticide in the evening.