Mnangagwa Loudly Instructs ZEC Commisioners Must Be Loyal To ZANU PF
4 August 2022
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By Farai D Hove | ANALYSIS | The-1 -Aug-2018 coupist Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday loudly announced that Zimbabwe Electoral Commissioners must be loyal to his party, ZANU PF.

Mnangagwa audibly clashed with the views of Speaker Of Parliament,  Jacob Mudenda who on video is uncomfortable with using the term patriotic for national institution employees in organs such as the Zim Electoral Commission.

Speaking at the National Heroes Acre, Mnangagwa  yesterday said “Our state owned enterprises must be guided by the ethos of the liberation struggle to propel the socio- economic development of our country for the benefit of all our people.


“Those cadres deployed to serve in national institutions, parastatals boards must be patriotic and loyal.”