Drama At Court As Woman Tries To Kill Self
12 August 2022
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By A Correspondent- There was drama at Chipinge Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday afternoon after a 23-year-old woman tried to commit suicide at the court premises.

Security details had a torrid time as they battled to retrieve a bottle containing an insecticide from Tsitsi Sithole.

Tsitsi attempted to commit suicide after her father, Luke Sithole, had been granted a protection order against his three children.

The Sithole siblings of KoperaVillage under Chief Mapungwana’s area are being accused of harassing their father.

Chipinge magistrate, Mr Alfred Chinembiri, granted a default judgement after Tsitsi and her siblings arrived at the court late.

However, this did not go down well with Tsitsi when the court outcome was explained to her.

In a flash, she produced a small container with an unknown insecticide from her purse with the intention of gulping the contents.

Swift reaction from the security details and onlookers stopped her from committing suicide as they had to wrestle with her to retrieve the insecticide.

“It is better to end my life by drinking this poison because my father is not sincere. Two people died mysteriously in our family. We have consulted spiritual healers and we have been told that our father murdered someone and that the avenging spirit needs appeasement.

“Our father is not playing ball. We dragged him to a community court, but he absconded. We were taken aback when he approached the civil court to make a protection order application against us. My life has not been rosy.

“I was married, but was divorced because of the spirit haunting us.

“My two children are suffering,” cried Tsitsi. She produced a letter from Headman Chivhunze which she had intended to produce before the court.

The letter reads in part: “Tsitsi Sithole akamhangara Luke Sithole mudare raHeadman Chivhunze musiwa 18-05-22, asi Luke haana kuuya kudare ramambo kusvikira nanhasi.

“Pane nyaya yepfukwa iri kudakugadziriswa kumusha mavo. (Tsitsi Sithole made a report against Luke Sithole at Headman Chivhunze’s court on May 18, 2022, but Luke defaulted. He has not appeared before the court up to now. There is an avenging spirit haunting the family and the issue needs to be dealt with).”

Although Luke refused to entertain the Press, his court affidavit reads: “My children are disturbing my peace with my new wife. They are visiting me armed with dangerous weapons, accusing me of being responsible for their misfortunes.

“I am therefore praying for a protection order since I am no longer living peacefully with my wife.”

-Manica Post