Plot To Keep Sikhala In Jail Until 2023 Exposed
16 August 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Zanu PF regime is planning to keep CCC officials Hon Job Sikhala and Hon Godfrey Karakadzai Sithole in jail until 2023, it has emerged.

CCC Secretary General Hon Charlton Hwende on Monday denounced the prolonged detention of party members.

“Sikhala & Sithole’s application for removal from remand has been rejected. We all have been told that the State plans to keep them in Jail until 2023. We can’t let our own Comrades to rot in jail we should rather all be arrested. Moreblessing was killed she is still not buried
CCC,” Hwende said in a statement.

“JUSTICE FOR NYATSIME 15: We condemn the unlawful detention of the #Nyatsime15 including 2 MPs Hon Sikhala & Hon Sithole. They are being persecuted because they’re Yellow & sought justice for Moreblessing Ali. Bail is a constitutional right.

FreeTheNyatsime15,” CCC said in a statement on Monday.