CCC Champions Denied Bail Again
21 August 2022
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Heartbreaking News

Today, 11 Citizens Coalition for Change Nyatsime supporters denied bail today at High Court

As Harare Magistrate gave corrupt Zanu PF mp Wadyajena bail

19 August 2022

Wezhira Munya

It was heart breaking moment in Harare High Court when the high court judge denied bail to 11 Citizens Coalition for Change supporters.

CCC party spokesperson advocate Mahere posted on her twitter few minutes ago, “Breaking: The High Court has denied 11 members of #Nyatsime16 bail. The 11 are: Chauya Shopa, Precious Jeche, Odius Makoma, Misheck Guzha, Zecks Makoni, Zephaniah Chinembiri, Roan Tsoka, Shepherd Bulakisi, Tatenda Pindahama, Enock Tsoka, Emmanuel Muradzikwa.”

They have been in prison for more than 50 days, after being arrested on allegations that they destroyed Zanu PF members property in Nyatsime after death of Moreblessing Ali.

Moreblessing Ali was killed by Zanu PF member and her body was found in a shallow well.

In addition, CCC members of Parliament hon. Job Sikhala and Hon Godfrey Sithole a languishing in Chikurumbi maximum prison.

The courts have also denied hon Sikhala and Hon Sithole bail. Today, marks almost 70days of hon Sikhala and Sithole in prison.

Interesting, corrupt Zanu PF member of Parliament Mayor Wadyajena stole US$5 million and he was given bail yesterday and his accomplices. Wajena only spend a night in prison.

Courts are treating Zanu PF officials with kind gloves and severely punish opposition CCC supporters.

Meanwhile, CCC party and well wishers are supporting the families of 16 Nyatsime members , hon Sikhala and Hon. Sithole families with moral, spiritual, financial and material support.