South Africa Has Whites Only Town
22 August 2022
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South Africa has a town where black and coloured people are not allowed to live called Orania. According to several reports, only whites live in this town.

Said a BBC journalist who visited the town:

I spent a few days in Orania, a town established in 1991 where no black people live.

I was part of a BBC crew, including Zimbabwean journalist Stanley Kwenda, who were accredited to visit.

And during that time, I did not see any other black people in the town of 1,000 – an unusual experience in modern South Africa.

It is an Afrikaner-only town, where only Afrikaans is spoken, because of fears about “diluting culture”.

Orania was founded by one Boshoff Snr as a registered company during the last years of apartheid, with the idea of making it a safe haven for Afrikaners. Dutch, German and French settlers who arrived and colonised South Africa in the 1600s. Afrikaners dominated South Africa for many decades and introduced the apartheid system which was based on racial segregation

One of the Orania residents told the BBC:

“I see nothing wrong with apartheid!

Of course you get the petty apartheid: ‘You use this toilet I use that toilet’, I don’t think that was necessary but the real apartheid as Dr Verwoerd saw it, there was nothing wrong with it.

While the town’s administrators insist that it’s not about the colour of skin, no black people or coloureds can live there.

Prospective residents are screened by the town council using a strict criterion, and the key criterion is being an ethnic Afrikaner. Just being able to speak Afrikaans is not enough.

Orania prints its own money and runs its own banks, and has its own holidays. It even has and flies its own flag.

According to a report by WION, the residents of Orania have said their next goal is the creation of an Afrikanner republic- WION/ BBC