Mohadi Forces Chiefs To Mobilise For Mnangagwa 
23 August 2022
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By-Former Vice President Kembo Mohadi is conducting meetings with traditional leaders, telling them to mobilise support for Zanu PF ahead of the 2023 elections.

Mohadi was in Gokwe South District on Sunday with his election rigging programme.

Addressing the traditional leaders, Mohadi, said:

Please we are asking you our chiefs, headmen and village heads to develop your organisation (Zanu PF). Zanu PF is your party, did you know that?

Know it from today that Zanu PF is your party. We want to fight this war against the West-fronted opposition.

Zanu PF liberated this country. Did you know that this party is yours? We want you to increase the number of people to vote for Zanu PF.

Did you hear we want five million votes next year? We want them to vote for Zanu PF and through you, we know we will achieve that.

We want every village head to give us people we will check according to your register … If we are organised, we will rule until the donkeys have horns.

Some opposition said we had done a coup and that we are a military government, but we don’t care.

The previous day, Mohadi had addressed chiefs, village heads and headmen in Gokwe North.

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