End Zanu PF Banditry, CCC Urges SADC
27 August 2022
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AU and SADC should promote safe and secure social, economic ,and political environments for African citizens:CCC Namibia condemns state-sponsored violence in Uzumba!

24 August 2022

Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia seriously condemns the perpetual use of political violence on the alternative voices by inept ZANU-PF regime which aims to retain ill-gotten power at all costs. It was quite disheartening to receive ugly and painful reports that an over ambitious, sadist ZANU-PF councillor, Ward 14 for Uzumba, Fagio Zondayi Marova who was accompanied by three (3) other unknown members severely attacked change champions for attending a CCC party meeting in the area.

The information we are getting from Uzumba is that there is a significant mobilisation drive of ZANUPF holigans at Mrewa Centre planning to protest against President Advocate Nelson Chamisa’s visit in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe. Through its mandate to establish a certified culture of peace and tolerance, the African Union should intervene forthright to protect yellow revolutionaries in the motherland against state-sponsored violence and gross abuse of the fundamental basic human freedoms such as freedom of association, expression and speech.

In addition, the African Union Act confirms and supports the significance of human rights by the adoption of guiding principles such as social justice , respect for democratic values , the rule of law and constitutionalism among others. It is now imperative for the continental outfit to intervene advancing peaceful co-existence among the political opponents in Zimbabwe. Joining and attending Citizens Coalition for Change meeting does not warrant torture, human butchery and arbitrary arrests. Namibia district calls for the arrest of Zondayi Marova, Abton Mashayanyika, Masimbi Masimbi only to mention but a few for perpetrating and inciting public violence.

Moreover, AU’s agenda 2063 envisions a landmass in which there is a universal culture of competent and good governance, democratic principles, gender equality , and respect for human rights, justice and the rule of law. It is the African Union’s obligation to promote safe and secure environments conducive for free,fair, credible and unfettered elections across Africa. We urge the African Union to guarantee perfect governance as well as the protection of civil liberties and preservation of the rights of African citizens deep down in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe, a purported ZANU-PF stronghold.

Namibia district pleas to the Department of Political Affairs in the African Union which is responsible for promoting , facilitating, coordinating and encouraging democratic principles and the rule of law to come to our rescue from the desperate regime that has continued to use intimidation against voices of dissent through primitive violent methods since 2000. It has become apparent to the entire world that ZANU-PF hegemony believes in state-sponsored human butchery and absolute repression against yellow revolutionaries.

Since the episode of Zimbabwe’s political and economic quagmire at the inception of vibrant opposition then led by the late Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the ZANU-PF government has systematically deployed an anti-imperialist African nationalist discourse that sanitises its unconstitutional grip on power by recalling its efforts in the liberation struggle, it denigrates and blackmails its opponents as Western puppets seeking to restore White minority rule. On 1 August 2018, we lost more than seven (7) innocent civilians in the streets of Harare on account of politics, in 2019 January, more than 17 revolutionaries were butchered for demonstrating against fuel hikes, Mboneni Ncube, Nyasha Zhambe, Langelihle Dube, Moreblessing Ali, Chinembiri and many others. May their dear souls fight back!

Furthermore, the partisan leadership of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF)- which has been implicated in the illicit and unconstitutional siphoning off of the national cake and mass violence against civilians should be challenged by the citizens of Zimbabwe, SADC, AU and the United Nations. It is not a crime to belong to the citizens movement led by the vibrant President Advocate Nelson Chamisa. Change champions in Zimbabwe should offer solidarity to the people of Uzumba. We further condemn the demonic political organisations that heed themselves as vanguard parties, for developing a strong sense of entitlement to power, privileges and state resources.

The incessant politically motivated turmoil emanates from the conviction that these liberation hardliners are, determined and committed to retain power through hook and crook. The unrest in Uzumba resembles ZANUPF’s bloody-thirsty posture as we gear towards the historic 2023 harmonised elections hence the need to gather the varlour, mettle and nerve to resist intimidation.

SADC’s muffled reaction to the political , electoral and constitutional upheavals is a clear betrayal of the people who have endured a series of rigged elections marred by politically motivated violence. The open and unchallenged interference by the Zimbabwean army, police, courts, prison officers, traditional leaders – Chiefs, Headman and Village Heads in civilian politics signal both a continued incapacity and an unwillingless on the party of SADC to consistently enforce its mandated liberal democratic founding principles.

Citizens in Namibia shall constantly denounce the chronic authoritarian traits, lack of democratic principles, commando style of governance, and militaristic culture of the satanic regime. The use of political thugs and securocrats to crush opponents so that they entrench themselves in power and accumulate wealth should face unprecedented resistance from genuine change champions.










Citizens Coalition for Change Namibia
Interim Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya