Mother elopes country with kids from abusive ex-CIO father
28 August 2022
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A Zimbabwean  mother has resettled in the Republic of Ireland after fleeing an abusive ex-CIO husband and father of her three daughters.

Nelson Choto who was one of former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe’s most trusted personnel and tasked with approving what Mugabe ate, descended into depression after losing his job in the 2017 power shift. He became abusive to his wife at several points the later calling for  separation.

Things got out of hand when their first daughter who was a student at Dominican Convent School became a teenager and active on social media.

A source close to the school alleges Choto would often stalk his daughter’s social media communications coming up with weird conclusions and blaming the school for promoting child promiscuity and homosexuality, a claim the school vehemently denied and distanced themselves from.

Choto, according to the mother’s claim, has hit his daughter on a number of occasions in the presence of the mother and sibling resulting in the mother making desperate move to emigrate out of Zimbabwe in fear of her husband.