Bogus Stands Agent In Trouble
2 September 2022
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A suspected bogus residential stands agent who was allegedly illegally selling land to people in Spitzkop outside Harare has been nabbed and locked in custody.

Gilbert Kanyongo of Vevhu Development Marketing Company and his company secretary Nomatter Rukawe are accused of misrepresenting to be agents of Vevhu Resources (Pvt) (Ltd) and selling land to people collecting over US$60 000 yet their contract had been ended in 2017.

The two were not asked to plead to fraud allegations when they appeared before Harare magistrate Yeukai Dzuda.

Kanyongo was denied bail while Rukawe was released on $20 000 bail with the court saying there is a strong case.

The court heard that from 2017 up to date, the two connived and misrepresented to land seekers that they were agents of Vevhu Resources and they would sell and allocate stands to people.

Rhe State alleges that the two knew that their company’s contract to represent Vevhu Resources had been terminated.

Claims are that clients continued to pay and being allocated stands without the authority of Vevhu Resources, the owners of the land.

It is said the two were arrested on August 30 after a trap was set and led to the arrest of Rukawe who was found in possession of trap money comprising of two US$100 notes which was received from one Svodai Gonorenzou as payment for a stand.