Mudha Hunts Down Chamisa Gokwe Supporters
2 September 2022
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By- Former Spy minister Owen Mudha Ncube is wreaking havoc in Gokwe-Kana by targeting opposition supporters.

Reports by NewZimbabwe say that this is also happening in Gokwe-Kabuyuni, where Zanu PF won a by-election with wide margins.

 “Mudha” Ncube is the Gokwe Kana MP, while Gokwe-Kabuyuni was last week won by Spencer Tshuma of the same Zanu PF party.

Tshuma garnered 10 727 against CCC’s Costin Muguti, who polled 4 800 votes in by-elections held on 27 August 2022.

Villagers who requested anonymity for fear of victimisation said that Mhudha is targetting people who voted for Muguti in Gokwe-Kabuyuni. 

Said one of the villagers:

Ncube has directed Zanu PF supporters to hunt for the 4 800 who voted for CCC candidate Costin Muguti and all those who supported his campaign locally.

We do not know how they are going to do that, but we hear they have a list of people they are targeting.

I am sure this is the beginning of violent attacks on opposition supporters and those who will be unfortunate or suspected of supporting the CCC.

This is very scary because if two teams are expected to compete then the other starts stopping the other from entering the field of play, which raises fear.

Another villager said the thugs are not afraid of “avenging spirits” as happened in the case of MDC-T supporter Moses Chokuda who was killed in cold blood in 2008. Said the villager:

Already a lot of people in Gokwe are traumatised by what they witnessed in 2002, 2003 and 2008.

Zanu PF supporters have already begun to threaten people, saying they will beat them or burn their homes.

They do not fear a repeat of what happened in 2008, in the case of Chokuda because we hear some of those tormenting us are artisanal miners and touts, who do not fear spilling human blood as they are now used to it.

Chokuda was killed at the height of the 2008 politically motivated violence by Farai Machaya, son of then Midlands provincial governor, Jason Machaya, and his two friends Edmore and Bothwell Gana.

Chokuda’s body reportedly “refused” to be buried for years until Machaya was forced to compensate the Chokuda family with 70 cattle and US$15 000.

Meanwhile, screenshots of messages taken from a ZANU PF constituency group, allegedly sent by Owen Ncube read:

Which are the main areas dominated by CCC? Who are their ring leaders, list them. Are there any members from town in your area who are giving assistance to CCC? Do they have a car? If so, where do they park during the night?

Who is sponsoring CCC in your home area? Does he have a shop? Who is the aspiring candidate for CCC as a councillor or MP?

Ncube refused to comment on the screenshots when he was contacted for comment by

Posting in another WhatsApp group, Zanu PF supporter Godwin Nkatha, urged members to identify CCC supporters so that they undergo ideological reorientation. He said:

4 000 is too much for CCC, those people who voted for Chamisa must be identified and vadzidziswe gwara remusangano (they need indoctrination on the party line).

Those three places might be cancerous to other places. They need to be grouped starting now and be taught Zanu PF ideology.

We must close the registration of new voters because it will be disastrous.