CCC Councillor Sponsors Pool Tournament
5 September 2022
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Ward 3 Councillor’s Pool Tournament attracts many residents

By Timoth Muswere

05 September 2022

Ward 3 Masvingo Urban councillor Rocky Kamuzonda over the weekend sponsored a Youth pool tournarment.

Although it was a Youth tournarment the event attracted several age groups with men and women coming to watch the games. It was indeed an entertaining yet educative event.

The tonarment was meant to encourage youths to register to vote as well abstaining from Drug Abuse. The games were played near Gomba shopping centre at Jojo tanks.

A young Terrence Manatsa went away with a gold price beating the rest. Humphrey Gondombwe Tafadzwa Muropa came second and third runners up respectively. Winners pocketed their price bugs soon after the tonament. The hectic tourney went through the night with ululations and whistling as supporters chanted for their preferred players.

The games were professionally conducted with an experience ampiring instilling order and discipline. Attendees were treated to some refreshments by the councillor. Rocky Kamuzonda also took this time to meet residents who were fetching water at the tanks one on one consulting them on what needs to be done in as much as service delivery is concerned.

Several CCC party members came through to support and watch the event from all other Masvingo Urban wards. The Event organizer K Mago popularly known as T Pain expressed joy of success , he said “We managed to identify unregistered youths whom we are going to transport for registration at Zec offices.” In his speech Ward 3 councillor Rocky Kamuzonda promised to hold more activities targeting youths so that they don’t fall prey into drug abuse and criminal activities. He also said he has a bag programs ahead and residents should look forward for an educative and entertaining schedule for the youths and residents in general.

He further articulated that apart from service delivery issues he had to initiate some projects within his capacity without waiting for council disbursements.

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