Structureless CCC Defeats Zanu PF
5 September 2022
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Yesterday, structureless Citizens Coalition for Change heavily defeated structured Zanu PF in Bulilima by elections

As Zanu PF cabinet members bus Zanu PF supporters to vote in Bulilima by elections

As Highfield East CCC members celebrate victory against Zanu PF

4 September 2022

Wezhira Munya

Zanu PF lost in Bulilima for the first time since 1980. Under able leadership of President Chamisa CCC break Zanu PF dominance in Bulilima.

Popular President Chamisa’s party Citizens Coalition for Change defeated Zanu PF and other parties in Bulilima by elections yesterday.

Congratulations , Amhlope and Makorokoto to CCC.

President Chamisa has congratulated CCC candidates , CCC supporters and voters in Bulilima for winning yesterday by elections.

Dr. Thokozani Khupe, ward 4 Bulawayo urban councillor Anorld Batsirai Dube and other CCC leaders who were leading mugwazo and campaign in Bulilima deserve great appreciation for a job well done for working hard to defeat Zanu PF in rural Bulilima.

Also, Bulilima CCC leaders did a super job for mobilizing and recruiting people to vote for CCC.

All Bulilima voting stations had vigilant CCC election agents who protected votes.

In yesterday’s by elections Citizens Coalition for Change won 2 wards out of three and Zanu PF won one ward.

Following are the elections results duly announced by ZEC:
ward 16 won by CCC female candidate Moyo Makhadi with 131 votes, defeating Zanu PF candidate Moyo Jane 118votes and Ncube Hitman ZAPU with 34 votes. 50, 35% voted in this by election.

Ward 1, was also won by President Chamisa’s party. CCC candidate Ephraim Moyo won with 385 votes defeating Zanu PF candidate Ndlovu K. Phapha with 315 votes, Moyo Dalton of PPP with 12 votes and Nyoni Lindiwe with 7 votes.

50, 80% total votes casted.

Lastly, Zanu PF won ward 14: Dube Experience with 459 defeating CCC candidate Moyo Ephraim with 332 votes and Moyo Linos ZAPU with 18 votes.

53, 24% voted.

Zanu PF lost ward 16 for the first time since 1980 to opposition. CCC candidate Moyo Makhadi broke 42year history by win this ward.

This is a great loss to Zanu PF because in 2018 Zanu PF won these three wards.

It’s Citizens Coalition for Change 2 and Zanu PF 1.

The narrative that rural areas are Zanu PF stronghold was nullified yesterday after Bulilima rural voters rejected Zanu PF president Mnagangwa and his Zanu PF candidates.

Yesterday Zanu PF cabinet ministers Evelyn Ndlovu and Dingumi Phuti tried to rig by elections through busing people to vote at Malalume Secondary School. Interestingly, the bused voters end up voting for Citizens Coalition for Change candidates.

Zanu PF cannot win elections without using violence. In Bulilima there was no violence and Zanu PF lost. Contrary in Gokwe- Kabuyini Zanu PF used violence to win this parliamentary seat few weeks ago.

The once mighty MDC T party under Mwonzora failed to field candidates in Bulilima. Mwonzora has presided the death of MDC T party that defeated Mugabe in 2008. MDC T is now a laughing stock under Mwonzora.

On the other story, CCC winning Highfield East Member of Parliament Eric Murai and Highfield East CCC members are holding by election victory celebrations in Zimbabwe Grounds today.

Hon Eric Murai and CCC councillors defeated Zanu PF in March 2022 by elections.