Ngadziore Trial Postponed
11 September 2022
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In Harare, the trial of pro-democracy campaigner Takudzwa Ngadziore got off to a false start Wednesday as Prosecutor told Magistrate Ruth Moyo that he hadn’t finished reading the docket, which was compiled 2 years ago in September 2020.

Ngadziore is scheduled to stand trial for allegedly protesting at Impala Car Rental premises demanding answers concerning its alleged role in the use of its vehicles in the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa.

Muchehiwa, was abducted, disappeared and tortured by some unidentified people in Bulawayo in July, who interrogated him to reveal the whereabouts of his relative, freelance journalist Mduduzi Mathuthu.

Ngadziore, was arrested on 18 September 2020 and charged with contravening section 37(1)(b) of Criminal Code for allegedly participating in a public gathering with intent to promote public violence, breaches of peace or bigotry.

Prosecutors allege that Ngadziore, who is represented by Obey Sithole of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights teamed up with 30 other unidentified people and gathered at some traffic lights located in Braeside suburb in Harare armed with placards and demonstrated against Impala Car Rental’s alleged use of its vehicles in the abduction of Muchehiwa.

During the demonstration, prosecutors claimed that Ngadziore sang songs demeaning the police members. Magistrate Moyo gave the prosecutor 7 days to read the docket and be ready for commencement of trial on 14 September.

This was after Shava had protested that even if the prosecutor was reading one letter contained in the docket per day, he would have gone through reading the same docket several times.