Matinyarare Duped Wode Maya USD3K?
12 September 2022
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By Dorothy Moyo | ZANU PF activist Rutendo Matinyarare has responded to allegations that he duped YouTuber, Wode Maya, a USD3,000 lumpsum.

The incident reportedly happened during Wode Maya’s recent visit to Zimbabwe where he recorded a series of promotional videos for the ZANU PF controlled government.

“You stole from Wode Maya, return his USD3,000,” wrote Kuda Chihuri, to which Matinyarare did not deny the existence of a dispute with Maya. He replied by asking, “how much do you think it would cost to travel 3000km in 12 days in this level of luxury with a person like me putting my business aside to drive?

“How much would it cost to hire the same car and pay fuel and extra mileage?”

Matinyarare did not demonstrate any interest to settle with Wode Maya on the dispute.