“Zanu PF Banditry Will Not Disrupt People’s Struggle”
12 September 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri| Zanu PF hooligans attempted to assassinate CCC leader President Nelson Chamisa in Chinhoyi on Sunday.

Suspected Zanu PF agents threw a petrol bomb at President Chamisa’s motorcade as the CCC leader entered Gadzema grounds.

In a statement on Sunday, CCC condemned Zanu PF banditry…

Zanu Pf thugs threw a bomb at our Change Champion in Chief’s motorcade in Chinhoyi.

We have noted with great concern yet another assassination attempt on the life of our Change Champion in Chief, Advocate Nelson Chamisa after suspected members of Zanu PF driving a silver Honda Fit threw a missile at our Change Champion in Chief’s motorcade as he was was about to enter Gadzema grounds in Chinhoyi.

Our Change Champion in Chief was set to thank the citizens of Chinhoyi who overwhelmingly voted for the Yellow movement before the criminal activity by Zanu PF took place.

The thugs, driving a sliver Honda Fit threw a bomb that exploded in front of our Change Champion in Chief’s motorcade before they sped off.

This lawlessness which have been allowed to go unchecked by the regime in Harare was also meant to instill fear and panic among the citizens who had gathered to hear the message of hope & transformation from their change champion in chief.

This comes barely a month after two similar incidents which threatened the life of our change champion in chief took place in Wedza and Gokwe, Kabuyuni respectively.

We condemn this criminal behavior in its entirety and urge the law enforcement agency to take action and bring the culprits to book.

We want to put it on record that Zanu PF’s desperate behavior will not deter us from winning Zimbabwe for change. We will continue to fight and demand electoral reforms as we approach the 2023 elections.

We urge the citizens of Zimbabwe to remain focused and vigilant, and more importantly register to vote.- CCC