More Zimbos Deported From UK
13 September 2022
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By A Correspondent- The United Kingdom (UK) last week Thursday deported another batch of nine (9) Zimbabweans barely a year after the arrival of another group of 50 was deported. 

An agreement was signed in June last year between Zimbabwe and the UK, in which the former pledged to properly treat deportees on their return, The Herald reports.

The UK Borders Act allows the British government to deport any foreigner who has received a jail term of at least 12 months unless some is exception applies.

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Mr Livit Magejo confirmed the arrival of the latest batch. He told the Herald:

e received nine more deportees and they have since reunited with their families.

Some of the individuals who had been earmarked for deportation raised objections with the courts and were allowed to appeal.

Some allegedly contracted COVID-19 in some detention centres and resultantly could not be deported at that time