Police Arrest Marry Chiwenga’s Brother
14 September 2022
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South African police have arrested Marry Mubaiwa’s brother, Sam, on allegations of running a vehicle theft and human trafficking cartel in Pretoria.

Sam, the brother to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s embattled ex-wife, was arrested over the weekend, after police were tipped off of suspicious activities at a certain house within an estate.

His residence was raided, and police found unregistered vehicles and more than 20 number plates.

Sam was accused of using his credentials to breach security systems.

Police also found children’s textbooks, cricket trophies and several files in the apartment suspected to be a storage house.

Sam has since appeared in a Pretoria magistrates’ court, which granted his further detention by police, who feel the Zimbabwean could be the link to a number of criminal activities, including human trafficking and rape.

The court also heard that Sam was on an outstanding warrant of arrest in Zimbabwe, and a copy of the document will be tendered, for the record.

He has been denied bail and will return to court soon.-iharare.com