Police Block Mugabe Memorial Gig
16 September 2022
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By- Police in Harare have blocked a Robert Gabriel Mugabe Memorial gig set for Zimbabwe Grounds tomorrow.

Former Zanu PF youth leader Jim Kunaka had organised the gala under the Robert Gabriel Mugabe Legacy Movement he fronts.

Kunaka wrote a letter to the police on 12 September notifying them to hold the gala in terms of the Maintenance of Peace and Order Act [Chapter 11:23].
In response to Kunaka, Officer Commanding Police Harare South District, Chief Superintendent, M Majojo, said the gala has not been approved. He wrote:
Reference is made to your letter dated 12 September 2022… In the letter, you notified to hold a Robert Gabriel Mugabe memorial gala at Zimbabwe Grounds, Highfield, Harare from the 17th to the 18th of September 2022 from 1700 to 0600 hours.
May you be advised that the notice to hold a Robert Gabriel Mugabe memorial gala is not approved