Zim Woman Dies In SA Hospital Due To Lack Of Attention
23 September 2022
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The death of a Zimbabwean woman in a Krugersdorp hospital has left a deep scar among Zimbabweans who are desperate to receive health services in South Africa.

Luyanda Moyo, 21, is a Zimbabwean immigrant who visited South African medical centres to give birth but was allegedly met with poor treatment and lack of attention because of her nationality.

Moyo gave birth at the Yusuf Dadoo hospital in Krugersdorp to a baby weighing 4kg.

Despite complaining of pain and excessive bleeding, she alleged that the medical staff in the maternity ward did not pay attention to her.

Luyanda’s uncle, Gibson Tshuma, told “The Star” that she was so neglected to the point of being the last patient in the ward.

“The Star” understands that nurses found Luyanda dead hours after giving birth.

Luyanda Moyo, 21, is a Zimbabwean immigrant who visited South African medical centres to give birth

She was in so much pain that she apparently told nurses that she would rather die than bare the pain she was in.

Her family is calling for an investigation into her death.

Tshuma said the family was concerned that the statements uttered by Limpopo Health MEC, Phophi Rmathuba, could have caused the staff at the hospital to have a negative attitude towards illegal Zimbabwean seeking medical attention in parts of South Africa.

Tshuma said when they found Luyanda’s body in the hospital her clothes were covered in blood.

The hospital failed to explain what happened to Luyanda.

“Based on the messages on her cellphone she was overdue and she was given an inducing pill even though they acknowledged that the baby was too big for her to deliver naturally,” Tshuma said.

“The Star” listened to some voice notes that Luyanda shared with her mother before she died.

In some of them the young woman was describing the unbearable pain she was in to his mother.

“It’s so painful… they haven’t checked on me, I think they will come today,” Luyanda said in a voice note to her mother.

Luyanda’s baby boy survived and is with his grandmother but the family said it was still left with a million questions concerning how Luyanda died.

“We are demanding answers as to what happened, we are not getting clear answers.

“They induced her even when they had observed an operation was necessary and then she was ignored when she was bleeding to death,” Tshuma said.

The family is preparing for Luyanda’s body to be transported back to Zimbabwe where her funeral will take place.

The family said it was concerned that if ordinary South Africans suffered poor service at hospital, the situations was worse for foreign nationals.

The Gauteng Department of Health did not respond to “The Star” questions by late afternoon yesterday.

-The Star