Croco Motors On Trial
26 September 2022
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Greetings Dear editor please note – Croco Motors is embroiled in a legal dispute with a client who sought legal recourse after suspected foul play by their mechanics caused severe damage to a Mercedes Benz.

The matter which is currently being heard at the high court revealed a gross incompetence and negligence by Croco motors staff.

The dispute further dragged in Croco managers who are now in deep trouble after allegations emerged that Croco motors poured diesel into a model which uses petrol and been had brought in for service, the service provider then allegedly used unqualified mechanics to try and fix the issue resulting in worse damage to the vehicle.

It is alleged that Croco managers went on to intimidate the client after she had engaged lawyers.

The lady identified as Kudzai Munda was given a Croco vehicle to use after her vehicle had been taken to another Mercedes Benz service provider to try and rectify the problem.

It is alleged that the Chief Security Officer at Croco motors harassed and intimidated the lady over the legal route she had taken , and later got her arrested on a theft of trust property charge in a bid to intimidate her into dropping the lawsuit against Croco motors.

A Croco Motors manager name withheld was also dragged into the scandal over sexual harassment as he allegedly made sexual innuendos and seductively called the client “mai mwana” refusing to be professional in his conduct with the lady.

Croco motors has lost a lot of business to the upcoming Faramatsi motors who are rumored to be more professional and efficient in their services.

Croco motors rose to the limelight during the days of the late national hero General Solomon Mujuru, it is alleged that the founders of Croco motors were related to General Mujuru and used his political muscle as leverage to secure big contracts and sweet deals.

The matter is currently being heard at the High court in Harare.