Police Arrest CCC Members In Bikita
26 September 2022
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Masvingo Citizens Coalition for Change members under siege in Masvingo

25 September 2022

Wezhira Munya

On Sunday Masvingo Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) members were subjected to severe persecution.

Police in Bikita East arrested five CCC members Zebron Gumireshe (36 yrs), Petros Honye (69yrs) Levy Vhundukai (42yrs), Rumbidzai Kusakara (33yrs) and Rosalia Svaruka (46yrs).

The above CCC members were arrested in Bikita East ward 24. They were escorted by heavily armed police details from Bikita East to Masvingo CID urban Law and Order.

Commenting on the arrest of the above, shadow CCC member of Parliament in Bikita East Mr Boniface Mudzingwa said, “It is unfortunate that our members have been arrested for holding party meeting. The democratic space has been closed. Our CCC supporters are being persecuted.”

Advocate Martin Mureri their legal adviser is representing them at Masvingo urban CID Law and Order section.

From the information gathered from CID, the five will spend the in filthy and mosquito infested police cells.

They might appear in court on Monday or Tuesday.

In another story, in Gutu Central, two CCC members Langton Guvava and Bernard Chimwago who is also councillor in Gutu Central were heavily beaten by Zanu PF members.

Guvava and Chimwango were beaten at a birthday meeting after Zanu PF accused them of wearing yellow CCC T-shirts.

Interestingly, Zanu PF members who injured CCC members have not been arrested even after CCC members reported the assault case.

Lastly, Bikita West businessman John Rungano Mpanduki who is CCC member is in hiding after police and Zanu PF members want to arrest him.

Mr Mpanduki wrote the letter to the police seeking permission to hold demonstration in solidarity with Honourable Job Sikhala , Honourable Godfrey Sithole and 13 Nyatsime CCC members.

After falling to locate Mr Mpanduki, the police raided his groceries from his shops.

Early, this year Mr Mpanduki was once abducted by suspected Zanu PF and state security agents. He was beaten.

Mr Marka B, former MDC Alliance Masvingo youth provincial organising secretary and now CCC member said, “It’s sad that CCC members are leaving under fear of Zanu PF and police. I foresee 2023 harmonized elections as bloody and persecution of CCC members escalating.”

CCC victory in previous by-elections have made Zanu PF and state security agents panic.