Just In – Harare Municipal Police Assault Student
6 October 2022
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Tanatsiwa Dambuza

By A Correspondent- Harare municipal police this afternoon assaulted a student accusing him of taking pictures of their brutality against vendors.

Tanatsiwa Dambuza was beaten with clenched fists and boots by the municipal police officers and left with a red eye and swollen face.

Tanatsiwa Dambuza

Narrating his ordeal to Zimeye, Dambuza said:

“I was walking near Copacabana market when I witnessed the municipal police officers in uniform harassing a deaf and dumb woman after they had confiscated her wares.

One of the officers accused me of taking a picture of them pushing and shoving the vendor who was visibly at pains to communicate with them.

One of the officers then waylaid me and held me by the belt and trippled me. When I fell, they pulled me into their truck.

They ganged up on me and started accusing me of being a public nuisance.

They moved with me inside their truck while doing the rounds in Harare CBD and they were beating me up. They took my phone and deleted all pictures in my gallery.

They poured water on me and poured cool drink on my body. They also splashed me with strawberries that they had confiscated.

I sustained a swollen eye and face from the ordeal before they dumped me at Harare Central police station and told me to go.”

He is yet to make a police report.

Efforts to get a comment from Mayor Mafume was work in progress by the time of writing.