Third Force A Serious Threat To National Security- MP
15 October 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|CCC Member of the House of Assembly for Kuwadzana, Hon Johnson Matambo, has pointed out that the presence of “the third force” in the country is a threat to national security.

Hon Matambo raised the matter in Parliament on Wednesday.

Said Hon Matambo:
In the continued absence of the Minister of State Security, I will pose my question to the Leader of the House.What is the Government’s policy regarding threats or claims to State Security? On three occasions, Government mentioned the presence of a third force in the country and up to this very day, nothing has been done to apprehend the third force.

I have seen that the victims, when the Government mentioned the presence of the third force, are the ones who have been arrested…”

The MP directed the question on national security to the Leader of the House in the absence of State Security Minister.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament then advised Hon Matambo to put the question in writing as it was sensitive.

Government is reluctant to act on cases of rising political violence in the country.