CCC Roasts Mnangagwa Surrogates
12 November 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|The Citizens Coalition for Change ( CCC) Namibia has blasted Zanu PF puppets attempting to disrupt the people’s struggle.

According to CCC Namibia, Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa is planting counter opposition elements hoping to dilute President Nelson Chamisa’s rising popularity.

See full statement below:
No room for disputed elections in 2023:CCC Namibia demands a level political field!

10 November 2022

How can light be outsmarted by darkness? How can a day be outwitted by the night? How can the violent outsmart the peaceful? Advocating for a level political field shall never be a point of weakness but strength!Surprisingly, all fake opposition party leaders are combatting the political generator, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa instead of offering solidarity against autocracy.

Citizens in Namibia are perplexed to hear the purported liberators in the opposition criticizing the yellow party instead of complementing the revolutionary efforts to do away with dictatorship and thugocracy in Zimbabwe.

Nkosana Moyo, Douglas Mwonzora, Tsenengamu, Ngarivhume, Linda Masarira, and Madhuku Lovemore only to mention a few are fighting President Chamisa instead of ZANU-PF.

It has become clear that all these exist as ZANU-PF surrogates aimed at advancing their zeal to establish a One-Party State in Zimbabwe disguised as a multi-party democracy.

It is uncouth to believe that the use of state-sponsored violence against unsuspecting citizens is smart. Change champions can’t allow another disputed election in 2023. We are tired of contested elections since 2002. Our demand for substantial political, constitutional, and electoral reforms is a sure way of averting the emergence of an illegitimate president in 2023. Violence should be shunned as we gear up for the impending watershed elections.

It is a constitutional imperative to avail the voter’s roll to all stakeholders as enshrined in the constitution of the country. We intend to promote free, fair, and incredible elections in 2023. Nkosana Moyo and his group are suffering from a lack of political capital, they are cognizant of the fact that winning elections to them is a mammoth task whether elections are free or unfair. Zec, police, army, traditional leaders, and state security agents should realize that they are not an extension of the Harare regime. We reiterate that all state institutions must be apolitical, they should not take instructions from ZANU-PF.

Through our Pre-Election Pact On Electoral Reforms(PREPARE), we shall continue to put political and diplomatic pressure on the despotic regime to achieve free, fair, and credible elections. Nkosana Moyo should bear in mind that the much-needed reforms are enshrined in the supreme law of the country. Should we negotiate for the respect of the rule of law and constitutionalism? One-Man One-Vote was our core demand from Ian Douglas Smith hence it must be guaranteed in the post-colonial Zimbabwe ruled by black people.

WeDemandAFree, FarirAndCredibleElections



Inserted by Rundu Branch Champion
Robson Ruhanya