William Chinyanga Trial Key Facts Proving Subjudice
15 November 2022
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Dear Justice Dove (case T20220157)

I once again approach you as the publisher of the article and broadcast content utilised in the case’s charges which have been twisted by the Prosecution in what could have been obtained in a split second of time so to save the court expenses.

The story line …the William Chinyanga case history

I write asking why you’ve gone ahead to once again put my news articles, broadcasts plus our cultural poetry ( the Defandant William Chinyanga’s jests) on trial without calling me up knowing fully my availability plus also the fact that these are my own articles under discussion in the trial beginning with the trigger incident in Charge Number 1, and how my name and my own authorship and its language use is cited throughout the trials.

You proceeded to try the Defendant without witnesses at a time when you know of written medical warnings in writing to you under which it was revealed to you that the Defandant is under duress from his defence solicitors in circumstances in which he has officially requested witnesses so to strengthen the administration of justice and so that the jury and the honourable court are not mislead at to what he uttered and also what he meant.

Since January 2022, you have also been aware of my own complaint highlighting that the Defandant is an abused PTSD victim whose utterances are our own cultural jests, which have been twisted for politics by the Complainant, as I continue to highlight to you that the utterances are poetry that I myself have uttered, and have never at any time been a threat to either Zimbabweans or any other person.

The Defendant’s solicitor’s conduct has been reported to you (and to authorities such as the SRA) for abusing her client, the Defendant, William Chinyanga, and this is happening at a time when the police office behind the William Chinyanga case has been publicly found to have breached professional standards on many counts following my complaints in Jan this year.

As you are already aware highlighted in the trial that the Complainant in this case has abused process by publishing in newspapers such as the Herald subjudicial articles influencing the jury, in what is tips unfairness against the Defandant and his leader Nelson Chamisa.

Are you not aware that since the trial is predominantly centered on language utterances, whose authors have been deliberately avoided, you have brought the honourable court into disrepute knowing these matters and that the Defendant did not have any witnesses, in what now constitutes can only now constitute cruelty against humanity but unfairness and a breaching of process?

Furthermore, are you not aware as highlightedin this email, that it is crucial to call to the witness stand, politician Nelson Chamisa and his party since the Complainant has violated this court hearing process by publishing articles that potentially mislead the jury in their judgement? Please see the attached articles that directly and subjudicially paint Nelson Chamisa and his party as an institution of terrorists due to and connecting with this case while it is still to be concluded, in news articles now accessible to the jury to date.

As in January 2022 when you were also contacted on an urgent basis by a mental health professional, I once again humbly request that you adjourn the proceedings and use your power as in Archbold, 8-3c: The judge has the power to call a witness who has not been called by either the prosecution or the defence, and without the consent of either, if it is necessary in the interests of justice.



Dear Madeleine Corr.

I am reaching out to you as a last minute attempt as you seem to have totally ignored this life threatening crisis, you have ability to salvage. The lives of scores of people including mine and your client’s are at risk.

May you kindly advise why you have made your client to drop off all witnesses, telling him that he does not even need the very author of the language, poetry, who is also the broadcaster of the incidents he is on trial over.

William Chinyanga has broken down in yours and my presence and so many other times in rejection of your demands to drop witnesses, in the period July 2021 to October 2022.

At the Old Bailey on 19 Jan 2022, you said you refuse witnesses because you have narrowed the case to, what William Chinyanga said, not the context (which position your team would change inside court). I am the both the author and originator of the poetry plus the type of protest he was making; so why force me out? Also, a lot of court time has already been wasted that could have been saved had the witnesses asked you by Chinyanga, been present. You totally excluded people like Henry Chimbiri (victims of the complainant’s violence) and Nelson Chamisa’s spokesperson Nkululeko Sibanda. Why do this against your client’s will, when it’s clear Sibanda and Chamisa’s shooting incident would be discussed in the court?

You are already aware of the many subjudicial and prejudicial publications utilised by the complainant against the case so to cause physical injury to scores of people to date since 2020-2022, as a result of the failure to provide my witness testimonial on William Chinyanga’s case.

Having been made aware that I am the author of the language, poetry (basis of the charges at hand), being also the publisher of all the incidents in charges 1 to 4 as already presented to you, may you kindly and urgently facilitate my witness testimonial, so that I speak as advised you by your client.

If you allow this, there won’t be any need for me to seek recourse at the SRA.

Below is my draft affidavit as presented to you on the 21st January 2022.


1. I Simbarashe Chikanza, a news reporter for the nation’s most read publication, and the other of the two most promiment journalists in Zimbabwe, will give evidence proving that I am a direct witness to the incident described on Charge-1 in whole as I personally interviewed on live video witnesses at the spot viewed by more than 32,000 viewers, and there were multiple confirmations on video that live ammunition was fired into a crowd at Marondera.

I will give evidence that William Chinyanga was in perfect context when he filmed himself on the 1st December 2019, of which I will show what he uttered was in immediate response to that shooting, plus events running 3 months into that date when he began complaining against rising terrorism, the first incident which filmed was before British Police in Coventry.

I will give evidence that the content of William Chinyanga’s speeches is my own language authorship: common jesting done in both Zimbabwe and the United Kingdom, and which I myself and millions others have used over several years. I will give evidence that I have communicated more graphic statements, and have never at any time threatened or hurt anyone, and neither breached British, Zimbabwean or any terrorism legislation around the world.

I will give witness that Mr William Chinyanga is not at all lying that he was speaking of the shooting into a crowd at Marondera on the 1st Dec 2019.

2. I Simbarashe Chikanza, will testify that I am witness to all the events described in Charge 2 to 4 which William Chinyanga lyrically and poetically spoke of. I will give evidence that this is mere poetry and no threat to any person at any time, and more firmer language has been used in the desperate effort to highlight the gravity of the humanitarian crisis and ongoing criminality.

I will give evidence that the communications are widely viewed as such and have never at time nor will they ever be offensive.

3. I Simbarashe Chikanza will give evidence that I am a reporter of several years who has advised law enforcement in Europe, Zimbabwe and UK, on all these events and has done so, competently in ways that have saved the British taxpayer millions of pounds, and in the last 5 months alone saved 18 million citizens of Zambia some Zimbabweans, as attested by senior legal experts in Africa and UK.

4. I Simbarashe Chikanza will give evidence proving that British law enforcement agents on the William Chinyanga case have avoided me for a period of over 2 years despite be being a direct witness and more so that I have on numerous accounts availed myself. I will supply several communication records to the effect in what could have save the honourable court time and money.

5. I Simbarashe Chikanza will provide of exact Zimbabwean cultural and language jesting in the form of news editorials and other poetic discourse which include my own song that has similar words described in Charge 2-4 including targeting Emerson Mnangagwa’s motorcade and using live legal ammunition to stop criminals.

6. I Simbarashe Chikanza will present before the court that if William Chinyanga has offended any laws, then I should the first to be prosecuted. I avail must for arrest.

7. I Simbarashe Chikanza will give evidence that the Claimant has violated this case and attempted to mislead the honourable court by publishing in the news pre emptive allegations already concluded on by a separate judicial process done in Zimbabwe in what I will present is nothing else than a phishing exercise which will bring the court into direspute.

8. I Simbarashe Chikanza will give testimony that there is no one in Zimbabwe or United Kingdom who was offended or unsettled by William Chinyanga’s statements as they viewed them as mere jesting.

9. I Simbarashe Chikanza will give evidence and testimony that before and after the arrest, the Complainant and her agents have tried to twist William Chinyanga’s jests so that they appear criminal, and all this for a political purpose.

10. I will present clear evidence that proves that law enforcement have brought up a defective case that must be dismissed.