Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao Issues Half-Hearted Apology To Zanu PF
16 November 2022
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Former G40 kingpins, Professor Jonathan Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao have apologized to the ruling party over their association with a Twitter hashtag that demeaned Zanu PF.

In their open letter to Zanu PF members, Zhuwao and Moyo said they have since stopped using the #ZanuPFMustGo which included in all their Twitter messages following their fallout with a rival faction led by the now President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Accordingly, and on this day of 15 November 2022, we hereby apologize to all of you comrades most sincerely and with profound regret for our wrong use of- and ill-advised association with the hashtag Zanu PF Must Go,” the duo said.

However, the two remained convinced that the events of November 2017 where their idol Robert Mugabe was deposed from power by the military was unconstitutional and a dangerous precedence in the country and across the world.

They also believe that Mugabe was overthrown, a narrative Zanu PF flatly refused to entertain as they claim that the people who marched on the streets of Harare forced the late former President out of power.

“While it is common cause that the protracted public differences we had with other leaders in the party and the government became irreconcilable to the point where the military forced was used to target us with our families and to overthrow the late former President Robert Mugabe and his government, and whereas the use of military force was unconstitutional and set a dangerous precedence in the country and elsewhere across the continent….” added Moyo and Zhuwao.

The two admitted to supporting Chamisa but said they were never at any point willing to join his then MDC-A and now CCC saying their hope was that he would break barriers and forge a new platform for citizens to converge.

They also listed issues that they felt the party needed to address for the country to progress and prosper some of which includes ending political violence, eradicating impunity in Zanu PF structures as well as ending politics of entitlement in favour of merit among other things.