Chamisa Demands Voters’ Roll Audit
20 November 2022
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By- CCC President Nelson Chamisa has suggested that his party will consider boycotting the 2023 general elections if its grievances are not addressed.

CCC has demanded an independent audit of the voters’ roll, but the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has reportedly turned down the request.

In an exclusive interview with The Standard, Chamisa said that they will not allow an election without a credible voters’ roll. He said:

We have been there (during the by-elections) to test the environment and also to test ZEC’s sincerity, but that test has left questions.

If there is no credible voters’ roll, we are telling citizens that it’s something that will be a deal breaker.

We will not allow an election that has no credible voters’ roll in this country.

There can’t be a credible election without access to an electronic voters’ roll, a credible one that is audited.

The voter’s roll must be audited by all parties.

ZEC itself has conceded it had noted more than 180 000 errors on the voters’ roll as of 23 June 2022.

Chamisa said they have reached out to ZEC to raise their concerns but ZEC has not responded. Said Chamisa:

We have written several times to ZEC, and we have written a document, a very detailed document indicating where we have qualms with their conduct and attitude, but they have not been able to respond to that document.

We have also written to them about the voters’ roll, but they have not been able to respond.

They have to pass the integrity, professionalism, and accountability test.

More importantly, they have to pass the independence test.