Police Boss Faces Lawsuit For Sleeping At Work
20 November 2022
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Commissioner General your job description is crystal clear, you are supposed to arrest law breakers and you are not apprehending traffic offenders as per your job description. One just wonders why the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is the only police force in the world that is not punishing traffic offenders or issuing traffic offence tickets and allowing traffic violators to walk scott-free. Zimbabweans are driving through red traffic lights, driving in one way streets opposing traffic and driving towards on-coming traffic on the wrong side of the road and nothing happens to them. The job of the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is to arrest those that break the law. Why have we not re-introduced the ZRP form 265 and even the Z69 which are now nowhere to be found on Zimbabwe’s streets.

Cde Commissioner General Godwin Matanga why are we not allowing our traffic officers to ticket traffic offenders?Commissioner, can you put our officers back on the streets with the form 265 and Z69 to ticket our traffic offenders. Why are our parliamentarians not taking action? Is it because they are also traffic violators?It is the role of Zimbabwe’s parliament to increase fines and push for hefty fines that are a deterrent to would-be traffic offenders. Are our parliamentarians the obstacle? These are individuals who are servants of the people, not individuals that exploit Zimbabwe’s justice systems. Your job is to serve the people of Zimbabwe.

Do our parliamentarians have driver’s licences?If they do they should have acted on the carnage on our roads. Commissioner General please bring sanity on our roads. We have ZBC licensing and ZiNARA doing what they are mandated to do, why not our Zimbabwe Republic Police? What is the problem? Do you have something to hide? Why are we allowing traffic law beakers to break the law without penalties without punishing them. Making Zimbabwe the only country in the world that allows drivers to break the law without paying hefty fines.

The job of the ZRP is to arrest and prosecute law breakers. This is what you are doing Commissioner Sir, the commonwealth delegation was here and you lied to them that we have the Rule of Law yet they saw the carnage on our roads.If we can allow carnage on the road what is happening behind the scenes sir.

Lets just get one thing right, punish and issue tickets to traffic offenders using the already gazetted form 265 and Z69, WHY WHY WHY are we not using it please tell me.

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Engineer jacob Kudzayi Mutisi