“My New Car Is Not A Donation”: Madam Boss Clears Air
21 November 2022
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By A Correspondent- Socialite and comedienne, Tarisai “Madam Boss” Chikocho, says she BOUGHT her new car.

Some reports have claimed she received a donation because of her high profile.

Madam Boss was involved in an accident on her way to Kadoma for a show headlined by South African diva, Makhadzi.

She told H-Metro on Thursday that she has found a new luxurious Ford Ranger.

“Do you think an insurance company can replace a damaged vehicle within a short period of time?

“I bought it myself and no one donated it to me,” said Madam Boss.

She expressed disappointment at the negligence shown by employees of a company, which failed to fix wheel nuts, resulting in her accident.

“Vehicle Inspection Department, evaluators and police have concluded that the wheel nuts were not properly fixed, and that’s what led to the accident.

“It is disturbing me daily, but as for my body all is now well and I am enjoying my new kid.

She is performing well on the road.”

Asked how she had been managing her errands without a vehicle, she said: “My husband (Ngoni Munetsiwa) was helping me with business errands.

“He would take me from place to place where I had appointments.

“By the way, I sold my other car to fund my projects.”