Jonathan Moyo Attacks Chamisa
22 November 2022
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By- Zanu PF ‘s prodigal son Jonathan Moyo has attacked CCC President Nelson Chamisa after his apology letter to Zanu PF.

Moyo said Chamisa wanted to keep their association with the G40 cabal a secret and use them as his “attack dogs” against Zanu PF.

Moyo told New24 that Chamisa and his supporters believed that the G40 cabal would never find acceptance in both ZANU PF and the opposition. He said:
Since the November 2017 Zim military coup, Chamisa and his supporters manufactured an imbroglio wherein the so-called G40 – which was specifically targeted by the coup – would be indefinite, if not permanently caught between a rock and a hard place, such that on the one hand, G40 would remain at war with ZANU PF, and on the other hand, it would remain at war with MDC formations, including the CCC; Chamisa’s personal project.
Chamisa wanted the so-called G40 to be in a permanent state of war against everyone, for him to hold it hostage as his attack dog against ZANU PF.
The former ZANU PF Politburo member said Chamisa’s game plan was to have him (Moyo) fight the opposition’s battles against ZANU PF. He said:
In fact, Chamisa and his supporters had banked on having me, in particular, fighting ZANU PF for them, with Chamisa telling his base that he has no dealings of any kind with me; and his trolls telling Chamisa’s base that I am supporting him, not because I love him, but because I hate Mnangagwa. That was Chamisa’s game plan.
He always gave the impression that he and I were not working together at all; yet we interacted many times a day, 24/7, between 2018 and early 2022.
Moyo claimed that he once confronted Chamisa and demanded to know his reasons for being secretive about their dealings. He said:
When I challenged Chamisa about [the] duplicitous stance in November 2021, he said no formidable tree makes public its roots.
I told him that his analogy was inappropriate, undemocratic, unprofessional, wrong, and satanic; he mumbled some mumbo jumbo, and I bade him farewell, which later turned out to be for good.