CCC Youth Taskforce Ready To Protect Citizens
5 December 2022
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3 December 2023


By Timoth Muswere

CCC National Youth Task Force , the Citizens' Hope Escalating Political Violence needs urgent strategic address

As we move towards harmonized elections slated for 2023, the playing ground is continuing to lose lose its fairness, levelness and smoothness. 2023 elections would be a do or die for Zimbabweans as it would determine the future of the country whether bleak or bright. Realising it’s lost ground and favour from citizens, Zanu pf has went into its bag of strategies once talked about by the late RG Mugabe when he said ” I would not repeat winning ways I would always come with a new one…” Although Violence and use of state apparatus has always been a center for zanu pf tactics it comes in diverse ways. As a Change Champion l wouldn’t want to give an marks on evil tactics and name them as ideas yet they are evil .

Recently, political violence has engulfed the whole nation and most victims being CCC members, civic society, journalists, students and workers. It’s is the same group of aggrieved people with that of 1999 that later came up to the formation of the then Morgan Tsvangirai led MDC(may his soul rest in peace).

Today it’s again the collective struggle now principled with oneness, common National agenda and citizenship as Zimbabweans. Thus how the basketry make up is interwoven for change in a way that has shocked Zanu pf to switch on it’s violent machine. In Binga , Matebeleland, Gutu, and mostly afflicted Chitungwiza has witnessed political violence perpetrated by Zanu pf members. All this has been happening in the eyes of the police who maybe out victimization as well wont apply the law. The Gutu incident was very worrisome as zanu pf thugs would do this in broad day light and you tend to ask yourself if these people really go to sleep or move in isolation as well. Unoshaya kuti vanombotembei.

With coming in of the CCC National Youth Task force it’s everyone’s hope that there could be a trigger pulled out there to cool down political violence and protect the vulnerable citizens peacefully. Its now a game of strategical resistance ,security and protection that which is needed.

Youths are the vanguard of the struggle since time immemorial. During the first and second Chimurenga the youths were the ones that toiled around to ensure that freedom is won.

It is therefore a task from the Citizens’ that the National Youth Task force would bring out jokers on their chests to answer the political violence question as we prepare for the harmonised elections.

Every youths not only those in task force committees, also have the task to partake and engage in all initiatives that can bring about a better feel of the ground come elections. In rural areas strategic engagements and answers to insecurity of citizens ,voter registration, traditional leaders engagements among others all has to be ironed out. It is thus upon this writers observation that Zimbabweans will put hope and support to the youths whom in reciprocity must actively go for an offensive and defensive constitutional address of the escalating political violence.

Voter registration is well taking shape, youths should continue to mobilise and engage fellow ignorant youths. By end January next year indeed the grounds and fields of the new Home would have been cleared of all stones ,grass and hills.

Timoth Muswere is Masvingo Provincial Change Champion at task.