Harare Magistrate Wants Sikhala’s Head
7 December 2022
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By- Harare magistrate has refused to recuse herself from CCC legislator Job Sikhala’s case.

Mrs Tafadzwa Miti is the magistrate presiding over a matter wherein the CCC deputy chairman is accused of inciting public violence in the Nyatsime area sometime in June.

Sikhala, through lawyer Mr Jeremiah Bamu, had applied for Mrs Miti’s recusal saying she had formulated a position towards him in the ruling dismissing his bail application in changed circumstances.

Mrs Miti said Sikhala’s fears emanated from grounds surrounding the dismissal of his bail application on changed circumstances last week.

She has vowed to impartially preside over the matter, saying the trial’s outcome will be based on evidence adduced during the trial.

Sikhala is jointly charged with fellow CCC legislator Godfrey Karakadzai Sithole on incitement to commit public violence.

The two are expected back in court on January 11 next year.