Zanu PF A Failure Since 90s
8 December 2022
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Tinashe Sambiri|Former Zanu PF stalwart Walter Mzembi has revealed how Zanu PF uses State institutions to maintain a firm grip on power.

According to Mzembi, Zanu PF is a “complex” political party.

“Zanu PF is a complex political party whose existence is not voluntary but permanent from cell to Presidency .
Its Members are somehow
” salaried ” empowered ” &
” full-time ” & do politics for a living, volunteers will struggle to take it out,” said Mzembi.

Former Zimbabwe Mirror editor, Innocent Chofamba- Sithole, believes Zanu PF cannot in any way transform the country’s economy.

He argued:
“ZanuPF has struggled since the late 90s, even before opposition formation, or any form of sanctions were introduced, to turn round the economy.

They’ve mobilised massive resources & State institutions to retain power at every election.

But nothing ever changes.

The post-nationalist political movement in Zimbabwe has always coalesced around a charismatic leader who’s clearly in tune with popular aspirations. Morgan Tsvangirai was that man in the previous phase of this struggle. In this generation, it’s @nelsonchamisa, without question.”