Citizens Bash Ex-soldier
9 December 2022
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By Cucsman Edutainment

In as much as I don’t condone violence I think this action is necessary on all those who think that they can impose their will on people through violence especially Zanu Pf bigheaded supporters who goes about beating up people in rural areas, threatening to kill anyone who supports NELSON CHAMISA.

People power still works if its collective. People have been abused for long and they can only help themselves but prescribing the same medicine administered. Now he says violence does not work coz they gave him a dosage of what he used to do.

This is General Max John Chinyanganya ,a retired Brigadier ,he has been beaten up by settlers at a farm accusing him of ordering the destruction of a house belonging to 1 of the farm settlers.

He was also accused of ordering violence in the past.