Mwonzora Rules Out Reconciling With Chamisa
10 December 2022
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By James Gwati- MDC President Douglas Mwonzora has said he had no obligation to initiate a conversation with his political rival CCC leader Nelson Chamisa.

Mwonzora said his relationship with Chamisa showed no sign of improving and described it as toxic.

The two officially parted ways acrimoniously at the beginning year after almost two years of legal battles over the control of the late former Prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-founded political outfit.

Mwonzora says since they started fighting for MDC in 2020, he has not spoken to Chamisa.

He says their relations are worsened by Chamisa’s supporters, who bash him daily on social media.

Below is what Mwonzora told a local business publication:
I have not spoken to Advocate Chamisa, I have not been able to talk to them, the CCC, because I find them very toxic and I think on Twitter, and on social media, there is a lot of hate that comes from their group.
We have said every time that we stand for the unity of all progressive forces in the country so whether we are going to talk to each other in the future, I do not know but what I have noticed is a change of attitude in some of them towards me.
Most of their MPs are friendlier now and the level of toxicity is no longer that big and I don’t know what is going to happen.
You have said that I have spoken to Advocate Chamisa as if I have that obligation.
We did meet but for something different, at a funeral and we did talk, we are not enemies I do not resent him at all. I do not know his attitude towards me.