Hopewell Chin’ono Says Chamisa’s MPs Must Donate the Backdated 40K To VP Chiwenga Run Hospitals | GOOD or FOOLISH IDEA?
12 December 2022
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By Simba Chikanza | In his ignorance, or is it arrogance?, Hopewell Chin’ono, uses a Nkosana Moyo video to say the opposition MPs must donate their backdated USD40,000 remuneration money to hospital needs, not knowing that has been done already and all that was donated was destroyed. Hospital equipment plus an ambulance donated by Chamisa MP candidates like John Manganye has been quickly destroyed upon it being discovered that these things were donated by an opposition candidate. Hopewell honestly wants the Chamisa MPs to throw back the USD40,000 to the looters and destroyers. (video)

What exactly is the USD40,000 for? It is a remuneration package for all MPs, that was supposed to be paid years ago. They are currently paid less than USD200. If they were to fail to pay back the USD40,000, this would amount to USD666.66 per month (5 year tenure), which, if added to the USD117, makes up for a total salary of USD784 per month. All this is money they were supposed to be remunerated and they were complaining about since 2019, and which I travelled to Serbia in 2019 to interview the Speaker of Parliament over, and is no more than a combined USD700 per month (see video

) ZANU PF has chosen to call it a loan, but even as a payout, such a salary would still be a fraction of what Hopewell himself lives on and what MPs in northern Zimbabwe (Zambia) earn which is USD3,000.

I heard someone suggesting that the Zimbabwe MP’s must copy Swedish MPs who are not paid anything. But here are the facts:

Swedish MPs are paid USD6000.00 salary per month, no perks.

Zambian MPs are paid USD3,000.00 salary per month, plus perks.

Malawian MPs are paid USD2,100.00 salary per month, plus perks.

Zimbabwean MPs are paid USD117.00 salary per month, plus perks.

Now to the timing of the payments- Zanu PF clearly wanted to fund its own MPs while keeping the opposition unfunded.

Any plan that says return the money to ZANU PF is not wise. On any day, I would personally take opportunity to deny ZANU PF control of state funds.

Chin’ono uses the views of his advisor and preferred candidate, Nkosana Moyo, a man who praises Emmerson Mnangagwa calling him a smart business expert who must be given a chance. Is Nkosana Moyo now the standard of morality, and since when?

Hopewell says he is better than Job Sikhala, Tendai Biti and their team, on exposing health issues. Yet no one has given the public information and tools on looting than Tendai Biti, and no one has confronted the regime more than Job Sikhala and their team on not ony health issues, but the very root of corruption in ways never done since 1980 (watch the Youtube video titled “WIWA WIWA”

Another projected view is that Zimbabwe should underpay its MPs because the country does not have money. Is this true? Tendai Biti’s committee revealed that more than GBP32bln was looted soon after removing the late President Robert Mugabe, and the money is sitting somewhere right now, of which it’s only clear that’s the sam repository Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has taken this USD34mln from. Is it not right that the likes of Hopewell Chin’ono should instead of attacking the opposition MPs who’ve been kidnapped, tortured, arrested, and whose properties have been looted and destroyed, take opportunity to strengthen them so that they can demand the rest of the millions and billions that are stashed out there by Mthuli and Kuda Tagwirei?

Why not tell people that the 40K issue is in fact a breakthrough that shows the the looted money is accessible and for insyance the USD7bln ide tidied by the Zimbabwe Anti Corruption Commission, can now be used to resurface all hospitals and refurbish all schools across the country?

Chin’ono however instead turns the people’s anger to go against the very victims, while making it appear like he is the best thing to ever happen in Zimbabwe. He makes it out like he is the most honest thing to ever happen in Zimbabwe. Assuming opposition MPs are downright dishonest, selfish, and horrible as he desribes them at least we know who they are. Can he, Hopewell Chin’ono tell us his real name, a single one? Because while some of us were busy studying at Uni in 2000 he was busy changing his own name 3 times and the British Embassy in Harare is right now under pressure to explain why a junior staff member issued a letter supporting one of his names.

So far, Hopewell Chin’ono claims he is the one who broke the 40K story, which is not true. I revealed this matter a month before on the 26th October 2022, and Chin’ono only caught up with it on the 26 Nov 2022 by which time it had become clear the payments to MPs are backdated disbursements to MPs negotiated as loans (by the ZANU PF govt) because the USD667 per person per month had not been paid, and the total of which gets to USD40,000.

Story was broken on ZimEye on 26 October 2022, exactly a month before Hopewell Chin’ono would get it

Backdated remuneration matter discussed in parliament back in Nov 2020. 
Story was broken on ZimEye on 26 October 2022, exactly a month before Hopewell Chin’ono would get it…

Why is Hopewell Chin’ono bouncing out before the 2023 election, to say Chamisa’s MPs are hungry and dishonest, the very same MPs whose integrity encouraged us to travel to distant lands and confront the govt over this very same 40K issue back in 2019?

Lastly, Chin’ono says he is being accused of having presidential ambitions. No one ever made such suggestions and the only thing people said is that he is publishing lies using the same cancer machine/health journalism that another journalist Boris Johnson used to destroy the UK economy while lying to voters that European politicians are stealing GBP350 million per week hospital equipment money that will be recovered once they vote for Brexit. The same technique Johnson used is what Hopewell is deploying, such that upon screaming “cancer machine,” or radiotherapy, even Nelson Chamisa gets confused so he turns to attack his own MPs.